As part of our vision to raise world-class self-reliant entrepreneurs, we have developed an initiative through which we can help out some indigent trainees/students who otherwise would not have had he opportunity to benefit from our trainings because of their lack of finance.

You too can partner with us in this regard through the following:

1) Adopt an entrepreneur

This is an opportunity to adopt and foster an aspiring entrepreneur by bearing the triaining cost.

2) Sponsorship

Rosegabriel Institute runs a lot of training programmes which could be sponsored as most of them are heavily subsidized.

3) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate organisations can fulfill their CSR obligations by donating a little portion of their profit after tax to Rosegabriel Institute thereby partnering in the raising of new generation of entrepreneurs that will help in stimulating rapid economic growth.

We invite you to partner with Rosegabriel Institute in ensuring that at least the vision of raising world-class self-reliant professionals with knack for excellence in service delivery is produced per household through these laudable initiatives.

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