Our School Code of Conduct

Regulations for discipline of student offenses and sanctions

Section A : Preamble

In pursuance of its power on discipline of students as stipulated in Part IV, section 16, paragraphs (1) and (2) of the Lagos State Government Notice No. 28, Edict No. 5 and without prejudice to the provisions of other books of College on Discipline, the Academic Board at its sitting, prescribed for application the following regulation for the discipline of students in the college.

Section B : Offenses and Sanctions

1) Insubordination: -

This refers to resistance to the orders of the College Officers, acts in defiance of constituted authority, or any other acts of disobedience.

Sanctions: Range from apology to suspension.

2) False Accusations: -

This refers to telling a deliberate lie, verbally or in writing, defamation of character, peddling of false rumour, writing false petitions or wrong allegations against a fellow student, staff or constituted authority.

Sanctions: Range from warning to suspension.

3) Impersonation: -

This refers to acting a character, typifying or acting the part of someone in any form with a view to gaining undue personal advantage.

Sanctions: Range from simple warning to expulsion.

4) Misconduct: -

This refers to, among others, bad language, indecent and immodest dressing, drunkenness, rape or otherwise.

Sanctions: Range from simple advice to expulsion.

5) Assault: -

This could be termed a violent attack, physical or verbal, between two or more persons, in or outside the school and irrespective of whether the school is in session or on vacation, so long as any of those involved is still a bonafide student of the school.

Sanctions: Range from suspension to expulsion.

6) Failure to follow protocol in channeling grievances or seeking redress: -

This refers to writing a petition(s) to a person or a group of persons or the media, outside the school without exhausting the various avenues for redress within the college.

Sanctions: Range from warning to suspension.

7) Police/Court Case: -

This refers to involvement of a student in any civil or criminal act(s) leading to police arrest and/or litigation against him or her.

8) Forgery: -

This includes falsifying a document(s), the fraudulent alteration of a writing to the prejudice of another man's right.

Sanctions: Expulsion from the school.

9) Bribery: -

This refers to giving of reward to prevent justice or the influence of the conduct of an investigator or soliciting for undue favour or advantage.

Sanctions: Range from warning to expulsion.

10) Damage to School Property: -

This refers to willful damage to a material or property belonging to the school, union, an association, a person or group of persons.

Sanctions: Range from one or the combination of the underlisted :-

(a) Payment of fines.

(b) Replacement of the article(s).

(c) Suspension and/or expulsion.

11) Dress Code: -

The students are expected to dress well and responsibly when coming to school; but wear only black skirt suits or trouser suits on white or sky blue shirts when the school goes on any outdoor outings.

12) Stealing/Robbery: -

This refers to taking or removing property belonging to the school, a union, an association, a club, a person or a group without due permission, or being in custody of stolen property by design or by accident.

Sanctions: Range from one or a combination of the following :-

(a) Fines

(b) Replacement

(c) Suspension

(d) Expulsion

13) Misappropriation of Funds: -

This refers to diverting to personal use or failing to account for the funds put in one's care by and belonging to the college, a union, an association, a person or group of persons.

Sanctions: Range from one or a combination of the following :-

(a) Refund

(b) Suspension

(c) Withholding of results and Expulsion.

14) Absenteeism: -

This means keeping or staying away from school activities without official permission as stipulated in the college regulations.

Sanctions: Range from disqualification from taking an examination to loss of grade to suspension.

15) Prolonged Absenteeism: -

Any students who absents himself/herself for a semester and above without formal college approval will stand automatically dismissed unless decided otherwise by the Academic Board to which an appeal may be made.

16) Examination Malpractices: -

This includes proven cases of examination wrong doings, such as cheating, aiding and abetting cheating, soliciting for examination question(s) or marks, bringing prepared answers or document(s) whose content may or may not be related to the course or the examination questions at hand, into the examination hall whether used or not, and taking away script(s) from the examination hall during examinations.

Sanctions: Suspension/outright expulsion.