Fashion & Textile Design Department


These are some of the training programs on offer, their duration and cost implications.


1yr.Dip. Fashion designing

Hats & beads + Wire works (1month course)

Events Education

Diploma Events = six months

Certificate – one month(wedding, party planning & mgt.)

Hostel – (optional)

Fashion Design
Catering & Hotel Management
Interior & Exterior Decorations
MIllinary Department
Events Education
Fashion Illustration Food & Beverage Services Balloon Decorations Fabric Hats Events Analysis
Pattern Crafting Cookery (Theory and Practical) Textile Decorations Exotic Hats Events Planning
Clothing Construction Bakery and Confectionery Floral Decorations Knotted Hats Events Marketing
Elaborated Sewing Hygiene Management Studies Management Studies Events Management
Tie and Dye Food and Nutrition   Fila Oge Events Evaluation
Management Studies Management Studies     Events Production/ Packaging

At Rosegabriel Institute, the above form the core subjects in the entire Departments to enable the students achieve utmost perfection in their disciplines.

The school runs the following schedules: -

Full-Time: -

Morning Session: 9.00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Mondays - Fridays

Afternoon Session: 2:00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. Mondays - Fridays

Part-Time: Flexible hours and weekends

Admission is open to all those capable of coping with lectures and practical work, and all those who have got basic knowledge, and wishes to advance their knowledge.

Student Information

The Core Subjects of The Fashion School program include: -

1. Fashion Illustration

2. Pattern Drafting

3. Clothing construction (Cut and Sew)

4. Elaborated sewing

5. Tie and dye

6. Management studies (Workroom Management)

7. Modeling

8. Fashion History

9. Catering and Hotel Management

10. Cosmetology

At Rosegabriel Institute of Fashion and Textile Designs, these form the core subjects of the fashion program to enable the students achieve utmost perfection in the fashion industry.

Interested candidates can always obtain the school integrated prospectus and timetable (with flexible teaching hours to meet with individual student needs) from the Registrar’s Office.

Admission is open to all those capable of coping with the lectures and practical work, and all those who have got basic knowledge in fashion (Tailoring & Designing) who wish to advance their knowledge.


Registration: -

Students are required to come with the following documents for their registration :-

1. 1 File

2. 2 Passport Photographs

3. Photocopy of Admission Form

4. Photocopy of Receipt

Tools and Materials: -

Students maybe required to provide for themselves necessary tools and materials for practicals such as: -

1. Gey fabric (Calico)

2. Solid colour fabrics (Plain / Printed)

3. French curves

4. Brown papers, Cartridge, Cardboard, Tracing paper, Carbon paper

5. Drawing set

6. Drawing books

7. Exercise books

8. Drawing board and Chipboard or Kariboard

9. Cellotape, Marking tape

10. Thimble

11. Scissors

12. Box of pins

13. Hand and Machine Needle

14. Thread

15. Measuring tape

16. Dye stuffs

17. Caustic soda, Hydrosulphide

18. Wax (Candle wax)

19. Small stove or boiling ring

20. Plastic bucket

21. Rope for tieing and stitching

22. Poster colour

23. Sable brushes 03, 04, 05 or 06

24. Gloves

25. Dye bath (Bowl)

26. Printing ink

27. Wooden frame for printing

28. Cutting knife